The Salzburg Mozarteum Foundation offers special tours guided by a native speaker for young students of English. They are given the opportunity to practice and apply their English skills in a culturally interesting environment outside the classroom. Students will learn about Mozart and learn the English words for many objects of everyday use in Mozart's life, speak English with the museum guide and answer simple questions in English. Details:

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20 May 2014: Lars Vogt on the piano, together with Tanja and Christian Tetzlaff: Lars Vogt has rapidly established himself as one of the leading pianists of his generation. Born in the German town of Düren in 1970, he first came to public attention when he won second prize at the 1990 Leeds International Piano Competition. Don’t miss his chamber music project with Tanja and Christian Tetzlaff interpreting pieces by Johannes Brahms and Pjotr Iljitsch Tschaikowski. Tickets and info:, +43 (0) 662 87 31 54



Davide penitente, a wonderful work that was first performed in March 1785 in the Burgtheater in Vienna will be presented in the Mozart Week 2015. It will be staged by a unique master director, the “horse choreographer” Bartabas and his team from the Académie équestre de Versailles.


Mozart\'s Work

The Bibliotheca Mozartiana contains about 35,000 titles and is the most extensive Mozart library in the world. Work has been carried out on the complete historic and critical edition of the Neue Mozart Ausgabe (New Mozart Edition) since 1954 and this will soon be finished (2006/2007). Following on from this work a Digital Mozart Edition is being created and continuously updated which will make the text of the New Mozart Edition freely available on the Internet. This project comprises about 35,000 pages of text and music.




Since 1956 the International Mozarteum Foundation has organised a series of concerts every January around the time of Mozart’s birthday and the Mozart Week is a major artistic event in the international concert calendar. Soloists, orchestras and ensembles who are internationally renowned for their interpretations of Mozart can be heard during this festival which usually lasts about ten days. For Mozart Year 2006 a new festival entitled Dialogues is taking place in which contemporary artists from the spheres of music, dance, literature and the fine arts analyse Mozart’s life and œuvre.From October to June a concert season is organised.

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The International Mozarteum Foundation is dedicated to advancing knowledge of the life and works of Mozart by supporting arts initiatives around the world. The centerpiece of our current project, supported by funds from the European Union, is the establishment of an orchestra academy in Havana, Cuba.


Salzburg Mozarteum Foundation

The Salzburg Mozarteum Foundation was founded in 1880 by citizens of the city ofSalzburg and is rooted in the Cathedral Music Association and Mozarteum of 1841. Since then the prime concern of the non-profit organisation has been the person and œuvre of Wolfgang Amadé Mozart. The International Mozarteum Foundation preserves the heritage of the Salzburg-born genius in the two Mozart museums in Salzburg Mozart’s Birthplace and the Mozart Residence

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The Academy of Mozart Research at the Stiftung Mozarteum Salzburg will hold an international conference in connection with its   Volltagung   in Salzburg from 2 to 5 October 2014. A focus is on “scholarly...


The Mozarteum Foundation Salzburg presents Mozart Libretti – Online Edition, the first web-based edition of the texts for the operas of Wolfgang Amadé Mozart: . Access...


Marc Minkowski has extended his commitment as artistic director of the Mozart Week for two further years and together with Matthias Schulz, executive managing director and artistic director of the Salzburg Mozarteum Foundation,...



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Each year around the time of Mozart\'s birth in January, the Mozarteum Foundation Salzburg hosts the Mozart Week

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Starts: 11:00

Gottlieb Wallisch (Piano)
Holger Groh (Violin)
Sebastian Bru (Violoncello)
Philharmonisches Ensemble - Wien (Ensemble)
Shkëlzen Doli (Violin)


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Starts: 12:30

Young Eun Jang (Organ)


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Starts: 19:30

Marie Bitlloch (Violoncello)
Elias String Quartet (Quartet)
Sara Bitlloch (Violin)
Martin Saving (Viola)
Donald Grant (Violin)


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Matthias Schulz has been responsible for the artistic sphere and business management of the Salzburg Mozarteum Foundation since 1 March 2012. Bearing in mind that changing views of Mozart.s timeless art open up new approaches and fresh food for thought, he is evolving programmes and ideas.

We are pleased to welcome you as visitors to our website and to inform you about the broad range of activities of the Salzburg Mozarteum Foundation.

Opening up your ears anew to the music of Mozart . that occurs in the best possible way in the Mozart Week, the festival that takes place around the time of Mozart.s birthday on 27 January. The Salzburg Mozarteum Foundation also organises concerts throughout the season featuring chamber music in its liveliest and most beautiful form, and also the Dialoge Festival, a wonderful platform for making experiments.

Mozart.s Birthplace and the Mozart Residence are made accessible as museums by the Mozarteum Foundation and attract visitors from all over the world. Gabriele Ramsauer is the director of the Mozart Museums and she is constantly creating new projects which show just how much there is still to discover.

The unique collection of autograph manuscripts by Mozart as well as the Mozart audio and video collection are housed in the Mozart Residence. The Mozart Institute, internationally the most renowned academic institution concentrating on Mozart research is also part of the Mozarteum Foundation. The Digital Mozart Edition (DME) is being developed there. Important sources and documents are archived and made accessible for the public in the Bibliotheca Mozartiana, the world.s largest specialised library on the life and work of Mozart. The challenges faced by Ulrich Leisinger, as head of the academic sphere, provide a firm grounding for all the activities of the Mozarteum Foundation.

Furthermore, the programme for children and young people is of central importance. The Mozarteum Foundation is also involved in the realisation of international projects and exhibitions, and provides impetus for many Mozart communities throughout the world.

We hope very much that the information on our website will encourage you to come and visit us and to experience our concerts and projects!